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NME v2,0 Modchip (Xbox 360)

NME v2,0 Modchip (Xbox 360)
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The NME-360 enables your XBox360 to play backups of your highly valuable original games. NME-360 is a universal solution for ALL currently available XBox360 Consoles on the market. Forget crazy dual mods with 30+ wires or even bricking your DVD drive by flashing corrupt/wrong firmware files.

Your original firmware stays untouched and intact at any time when using the NME-360. There is no need for any firmware reading or flashing.


  • one chip for all drives: Samsung ms25 and ms28, Hitachi/LG 46,47,58,59, 78 FL/FK, 79 FL/FK, all BenQ drives!!
  • Added logic to support possible future Hitachi/LG versions as well
  • 100% Auto detection of Backup or Original on Samsung and Hitachi drives (BenQ requires manual switching)
  • boots stealth and non-stealth backups - optional: Power Led will turn off when a Backup is detected
  • optional: disables the network when playing backups
  • optional: disables the rear USB connection when playing backups (for disabling USB Wlan)
  • no DVD writer model issues. Works with all DVD writers
  • now working with pioneer 111d and Pioneer based burners as well as all LG burners.
  • 100% Firmware Stealth, when MS tries to read the Firmware then itreplies as 100% original unmodified. No error code E66.
  • optional: 100% Live secure when playing Backups
  • the result of 1000s of hours of research and programming
  • based on Actel Logic for most possibly stability
  • Manufactured with highest quality Logic, PCB and components. Made in Europe.
  • Complies with RoHS directive (lead free). Gold plated solder pads, for easy soldering.


Package Contents:

  • NME 2.0 Modchip
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