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Sky 3DS Plus (Sky 3DS+) N3DS, N3DS-XL
Sky 3DS Plus (Sky 3DS+) N3DS, N3DS-XL
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M3i Zero

M3i Zero
Product No.: M3i-ZERO

from 24,99 EUR
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Now the successor of the legendary M3 Real module is finally available and functions perfectly with the NDSi console. We recommend it for all DSi users ORIGINAL M3i Zero card - NOT A COPY!








The M3i Zero will improve the capabilities of your console. Use the multimedia attributes of the module and play directly from a MicroSD card (available separately). The M3i module is multilingual and also has a German menu. a.In addition, when the manufacturer's updates are added, the card is future-safe and thanks to Plug'n Play it's more simple to use than ever. One extra feature is the integrated cheat module that can be updated with new cheats and codes at any time. The well-known and much loved Mediplayer Moonshell 2.0 is also directly supported.







- Improves the capabilities of your DSi, DS or DS-Lite console


- Mediaplayer for playing films, music or images.


- Enables thousands of games to be played and programmes to be used (Homebrew Software)


- Allows cheats to be used in games with the use of an integrated Action Replay


- Enables the card surface (GUI) to be changed using skins.


- Enables so-called Real Time Save - save direct to memory during the actual game


- and much more







You require the M3i card, a MicroSD (HC) memory card and the operating software







* Compatible with DS, DS-Lite and DSI


* Supports Real Time Save (RTS) function


* Supports various languages: English, French, German, etc.


* Update possibility of the firmware and thereby the expandability of the functions


* Supports micro SDHC cards with up to 32GB capacity


* Easy to use, plug & play(*)


* Super Cheat function


* AR Cheat Code compatible engine


* Supports various Cheat Code data (xml, cht, dht, etc.)


* Supports Software Reset function


* Supports Slow Motion function


* Recognises and creates automatic Save data (Formats)


* Homebrew support with DLDI auto-patcher


* Interchangeable skins and GUI (surface)


* Supports Moonshell 2.0 version


* Supports download play


* Supports Rumble Pack and GBA Expansion Pack etc.


* Supports 4-stage brightness adjustment







* Original M3i Zero card


* German instructions


* Protective sleeve


* USB update cable


* MicroSD card reader


* OPTIONAL: MicroSD (HC) card (please select this option above if you wish to receive the card)

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